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Al WASL Global Sport Management Program After Covid-19

Excellence training  

As the board and staff recently reminded, the players are not on vacation during the confinement imposed to fight against the coronavirus. Despite the remoteness, the technical staff of Al Wasl Global sport management did not let go of their troops. Football in the 21st century is more competitive than ever. Individuals are stronger and better prepared than in the past. To continue to meet this requirement, Al Wasl Global sport management has implemented a four-point approach, technical, tactical, physical and mental. These work areas are the foundation of personal success and allow the player to reach their full development.

Club football training

As a member of the Al Wasl Global sport management team, each player will be licensed to Al WASL SC or another of the partner clubs. The choice of club leaders depends on the level, experience, qualities and margin of progression of the player. Clubs generally offer 3 to 4 training sessions per week, lasting from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. The usual training hours are between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, and take place on the main stadium of the club.

Individualized training

In addition to club training, coaches will provide up to 5 additional training sessions per week with individualized exercises in small groups of up to 8 players. Based on modern methods, these rigorous training sessions will offer specific tactical or technical, personal or collective work. Adapted to each player, the exercises will aim to reinforce the strengths of each player and remedy the bad habits that they too often developed in their countries of origin.

Physical and mental work

The physical work sessions will be provided by the technical and sports director Sami Abdessalem, nicknamed "Iron man"!These are 3 to 5 training sessions each week adapted to each player. Cardio workout, sheathing, abdominal strengthening, muscle flexibility, the session is generally dedicated to improving the physical condition and aerobic and athletic ability of the player, also through assessments and tests.  

The physical trainer will advise and follow the progress or difficulties encountered in the challenges of surpassing oneself.

Extreme attention will be paid to the moral and mental state of each player as well as to the risk of injury.All academics and players receive a membership card in the Al Wasl Global sport management team partner gym. They have free access to the room 7 days a week from 6 am to 10 pm.

Official matches

The matches will generally be played on Saturday for the U15 and U17 and on Sunday for the U19 and the senior teams. All players and academicians, depending on their level of play, will have the chance to play in the championship of the United Arab Emirates, French or English at the district, regional or national level with the clubs, in home and away matches.

Test and internship

It is important that our players are observed and evaluated when they arrive at the Academy or within the club and can show the full extent of their game. Choosing the club in which they will play all year will depend on their aptitudes, their adaptability, their talent, in order to be able to join the best possible club. The last months of the program will also be devoted to new tests. In June, July and August 2020, one of our spotted players will be able to sign with AL WASL DUBAI. All registered players will participate in friendly matches, generally at the start of the season and at the end of the semester, against high-level teams.


At regular intervals, experienced coaches will bring their knowledge to players in fields as varied as anatomy, lifestyle, remuneration of professional players, nutrition, responsibilities of a footballer, behavior on the field ... These interactive courses will alternate with the analysis of a football match on video. It could be a pro team match as much as academics' matches from previous weekends.

Arbitration courts

Knowing the rules of the game to better respect them, this will participate in the construction of the football player. Starting in October, players will be able to take up district arbitration courses on Monday or Tuesday evenings. In December, field tests will allow them to validate their knowledge and receive the Level 1 referee certificate.

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